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In 1966, Georgetown University history professor Carroll Quigley wrote a book in which he discussed plans of a few people to pull of a massive heist in lieu of global banking. The plans were to setup a bank free of national laws, in a neutral state with tight control in their hands. He stated it something like this:

..The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.

If you’ve heard of Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and lesser known conspiracy-ridden Skulls & Bones and the likes, it would be more logical to trace roots in a more corporate sense, who runs who.


The Corporations

This is an image from website. You may have recognized most of the brands that keep broadcasting their ads on the TV. And since most of the ads are media driven, naturally it makes sense that these corporations have ties with most of these media channel’s parent companies as well. And we are not wrong.


I Am The Media

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media” – Former CIA Director William Colby

There are companies cashing in on CIA and paid media.

So exactly who are the companies that are at the core of this "super-entity"?

Well, almost all of them are banks or financial institutions.  The following is a list of the 50 "most connected" companies:

1. Barclays plc
2. Capital Group Companies Inc. (Investment Management)
3. FMR Corporation (Financial Services)
4. AXA (Investments & Life Insurance)
5. State Street Corporation (Investment Management)
6. JP Morgan Chase & Co (Bank)
7. Legal & General Group plc. (Investments & Life Insurance)
8. Vanguard Group Inc. (Investment Management)
9. UBS AG (Bank)
10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc. (Bank)
11. Wellington Management Co LLP (Investment Management)
12. Deutsche Bank AG (Bank)
13. Franklin Resources Inc. (Investment Management)
14. Credit Suisse Group (Bank)
15. Walton Enterprises LLC
16. Bank of New York Mellon Corp (Bank)
17. Natixis (Investment Management)
18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (Bank)
19. T Rowe Price Group Inc. (Investment Management)
20. Legg Mason Inc. (Investment Management)
21. Morgan Stanley (Bank)
22. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. (Bank)
23. Northern Trust Corporation (Investment Management)
24. Société Générale (Bank)
25. Bank of America Corporation (Bank)
26. Lloyds TSB Group plc. (Bank)
27. Invesco plc. (Investment mgmt.) 28. Allianz SE 29. TIAA (Investments & Insurance)
30. Old Mutual Public Limited Company (Investments & Insurance)
31. Aviva plc. (Insurance)
32. Schroders plc. (Investment Management)
33. Dodge & Cox (Investment Management)
34. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.* (Bank)
35. Sun Life Financial Inc. (Investments & Insurance)
36. Standard Life plc. (Investments & Insurance)
37. CNCE
38. Nomura Holdings Inc. (Investments and Financial Services)
39. The Depository Trust Company (Securities Depository)
40. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
41. ING Groep NV (Bank, Investments & Insurance)
42. Brandes Investment Partners LP (Financial Services)
43. Unicredito Italiano SPA (Bank)
44. Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (Owns a lot of banks’ shares in Japan)
45. Vereniging Aegon (Investments & Insurance)
46. BNP Paribas (Bank)
47. Affiliated Managers Group Inc. (Owns stakes in 27 money management firms)
48. Resona Holdings Inc. (Banking Group in Japan)
49. Capital Group International Inc. (Investments and Financial Services)
50. China Petrochemical Group Company

I am not Government. I am apolitical. I am Rich.

Are the big banks really as powerful as some people say that they are?  Do they really control the global economy?  If y0u asked most people, they would tell you that governments control the global economy.  But the campaigns of our politicians are funded by the ultra-wealthy, the big banks and the large corporations that they control.  Others would tell you that the Federal Reserve and the rest of the central banks around the world control the global economy.  But the truth is that the Federal Reserve was established by the bankers and for the benefit of the bankers.

Some people have started realizing that there are large financial groups that dominate the world. Forget the political intrigues, conflicts, revolutions and wars. It is not pure chance. Everything has been planned for a long time.

Source: Read more:

The same group that controls media, controls the government, controls the economy, controls the industries, controls the flow of money.

The strategic control pattern since late 90s has shone a merger of major banks coming under the hood of 4 major banks:


To summarize:

There are Four major shareholders in all of these 4 major banks:

BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity

The same 4 shareholders are also shareholders in the biggest Financial Exchange companies as well.

The Federal Reserve is comprised of 12 banks, represented by a board of seven people, which comprises representatives of the “big four,” which in turn are present in all other entities.

Some of the companies controlled by this “big four” group

  • Alcoa Inc.
  • Altria Group Inc.
  • American International Group Inc.
  • AT&T Inc.
  • Boeing Co.
  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • Coca-Cola Co.
  • DuPont & Co.
  • Exxon Mobil Corp.
  • General Electric Co.
  • General Motors Corporation
  • Hewlett-Packard Co.
  • Home Depot Inc.
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Intel Corp.
  • International Business Machines Corp
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • McDonald’s Corp.
  • Merck & Co. Inc.
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • 3M Co.
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Procter & Gamble Co.
  • United Technologies Corp.
  • Verizon Communications Inc.
  • Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
  • Time Warner
  • Walt Disney
  • Viacom
  • Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.,
  • CBS Corporation
  • NBC Universal


So Who Am I?

Fidelity – Founded by Edward Johnson in 1969 under the name Fidelity International Limited, Supervised by the Johnson Family.

Vanguard Group – Founded by John Clifton "Jack" Bogle in 1975. John J. Brennan had been the Chairman of the company, whose father Frank Bennan ran the Union Warren Savings Bank(acquired in 1987 by Homeowners Federal Savings) and the Massachusetts Business Development Corp. and had links to many a politicians and financiers, president of Massachusetts Bankers Association, director of the Mutual Savings Foundation of America.

State Street Corporation – Founded in 1792 as Union Bank, and is headquartered in the Financial District area, Boston.

BlackRock – founded in 1988 by Larry Fink and Robert S. Kapito.

Stay tuned for follow up articles on this one for more info on these big four and their owners.

I leave you with this video. Take it with a pinch of salt.

World Bank Whistle-blower Karen Hudes Reveals How The Global Elite Rule The World

Relevant articles and Citations from the video:

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Pausing to reflect upon short conscientious writing

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I must write at times. It has been so long since the last time that I forget to recall when the last time was on my very own “Talk Shop”. Enough of ETs already. Let us move to home-grown issues since its peer pressure now every young and aged blogger alike has been putting the cap up their heads, galvanizing their heads with the Tri(lateral) Colour and Free Underground movements a.k.a Zeitgeist. When was the last time I wrote, I hardly remember.

A lesser known acquaintance, fine lad, from an informal network recently last year posted on “a” social network on APCOs involvement with its old Indian Client Modiji[1] and the news is on time because its ripe to spur out some of its juices here and there[2].

Besides the “India Shining”, “Gujurat Shining” and “Bengal Faded” Geo-Politico-Socio-Economic Wall Street Propagandas by APCO, Trilateral, CFR & Bilderberg’s[3] (What do you know! They’re ALL THE SAME HAHAHAHA! Okay enough of that exciting talk, now lets talk about the demolition of US Dollars), here is some other WHISTLEBLOWING not by Edward Snowden[4] that got “curbed”.

In 2001, I planned to write an article “The Legacy of USA”. Unfortunately I never completed it because of too much Tele-Vision, 9/11 and subsequent closing on “Al Qaeda” and reading up the making of Afghanistan the pet project of War on Terrorism just to make Heroin a cash crop??[5] No, that’s because so many Punjabi boys are now used to Afghan-Punjab Drug Cartel scene because we all love getting a little high. But wait, that’s a lot of news to catch up on. Gurbaksh Chahal himself was shocked to visit Punjab after so many years just to find this out. And he still shakes hands with *Ow.B.MA*

How does this affect India anyway? Total US like Free Trade Agreements, Universal Currency, Medias Opinion is Public’s Opinion(then who will read my blogs?!), Unified Electronic Currency, Prolonged Depression[6], Heavy Taxes, UN is the new unified government, NATO is the Int’l Peacekeeping army, the world is back to rock ”n” roll and filth..ewww. There is still hope [7]. And its name is conscientious women.

My writing is becoming a clowns joke. I must improvise.









Zeitgeist Movie: BEYOND THE PALE

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A few moments back I got an update on the fourth installment of Zeitgeist flick while I was designing posters for a proposed future strategy to spread awareness about Zeitgeist.

Beyond the Pale

In the BOINC grid computing, Zeitgeist movement is the largest cluster of dedicated machines in the service of this movement. We’re thinking of strategies, as we’re witnessing a rise in consciousness everyday as 2012 approaches, to channel this growth into an affirmative one.

For those who are not acquainted with this movement, it is suggested to first visit their website via the link:

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