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Pausing to reflect upon short conscientious writing

Posted in Revelations with tags , , , , , on January 14, 2014 by Ford

I must write at times. It has been so long since the last time that I forget to recall when the last time was on my very own “Talk Shop”. Enough of ETs already. Let us move to home-grown issues since its peer pressure now every young and aged blogger alike has been putting the cap up their heads, galvanizing their heads with the Tri(lateral) Colour and Free Underground movements a.k.a Zeitgeist. When was the last time I wrote, I hardly remember.

A lesser known acquaintance, fine lad, from an informal network recently last year posted on “a” social network on APCOs involvement with its old Indian Client Modiji[1] and the news is on time because its ripe to spur out some of its juices here and there[2].

Besides the “India Shining”, “Gujurat Shining” and “Bengal Faded” Geo-Politico-Socio-Economic Wall Street Propagandas by APCO, Trilateral, CFR & Bilderberg’s[3] (What do you know! They’re ALL THE SAME HAHAHAHA! Okay enough of that exciting talk, now lets talk about the demolition of US Dollars), here is some other WHISTLEBLOWING not by Edward Snowden[4] that got “curbed”.

In 2001, I planned to write an article “The Legacy of USA”. Unfortunately I never completed it because of too much Tele-Vision, 9/11 and subsequent closing on “Al Qaeda” and reading up the making of Afghanistan the pet project of War on Terrorism just to make Heroin a cash crop??[5] No, that’s because so many Punjabi boys are now used to Afghan-Punjab Drug Cartel scene because we all love getting a little high. But wait, that’s a lot of news to catch up on. Gurbaksh Chahal himself was shocked to visit Punjab after so many years just to find this out. And he still shakes hands with *Ow.B.MA*

How does this affect India anyway? Total US like Free Trade Agreements, Universal Currency, Medias Opinion is Public’s Opinion(then who will read my blogs?!), Unified Electronic Currency, Prolonged Depression[6], Heavy Taxes, UN is the new unified government, NATO is the Int’l Peacekeeping army, the world is back to rock ”n” roll and filth..ewww. There is still hope [7]. And its name is conscientious women.

My writing is becoming a clowns joke. I must improvise.









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