Understanding Durga Saptshati

With the grace of my Guru Babaji Avdhoot Shivanandji Maharaj & with little help from the teachings given by Guruji Sri Amritananda Natha, I came to the following understanding in Durga Saptshati.

Q: What is Durga Saptshati?

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devi_Mahatmya

If one understands the essence of Durga Saptshati, they can go through the following notes I made to get somewhat understanding of it. Even after understanding the divine using ones head, it cannot be understood just by this outer knowledge for it has to be experienced. Experience can only come through inner knowledge which is the true knowledge:

NOTE: In Caduceus/Ida-Pingala guys, Originate deviate then meet deviate & again meet. These are the three nodes where they meet called "GRANTHIS". Brahma,Vishnu,Rudra GRANTHIS.

    Brahma granthi: Blocking the flow from the first chakra, the root chakra, muladhara, upward to the others; related to bondage to desires.

    Vishnu granthi: Blocking the flow from the third chakra at the navel, manipura, upward to the fourth chakra, anahata, the heart; related to bondage of actions.

    Rudra granthi: Blocking the flow beyond the sixth chakra between the eyebrows, ajna chakra, upwards towards sahasrara; related to bondage of thoughts (compared to pure knowing).

God desired(kama), a wish to separate,  to experience itself. Desire is intrinsic to life & is one of the key ingredients in Purushartha: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.

Kama(desire/Separateness)>Krodha(Anger!!)(When you don’t get it!!!)>lobha(Still not got? But want it)(When you are sooooo into it!)> moha(When you cant think clearly, post soo into it.you ignore everything beside it)> mada(Only YOU have it.HUHUHAHA!)>matsarya(YOU DONT HAVE IT! AARRRGHHH NOT AGAIN!!)

Mahamaya Ma is like a testing ground to see if you’ve been able to overcome this Desire/Separate Complex & see the Love aspect.

Durga Saptshati- 13 Chapters, 700 shlokas categorized into 3 major sections:

1st Khand-Maha Kali takes care(protects) of Brahma, child out of lotus like womb from Madhu-Kaitabh duo guys.

2nd Khand-Maha Laxmi transforms lust erotic expression into love without the erotic part to clearly show us the "LOVE" bhaav that is & was always the true seed & our intention. Love, which is the power that sustains the continuity of the universe.

3rd Khand-Maha Saraswati (Devi calls Mahakali again) makes sure that the seed of Desire is not allowed to return to the Muladhara Chakra, where it would multiply into more and more Desires, but is stopped at the Agni Chakra, which simply burns it away.


1st chakra–Brahma Granthi-Bondage to desires -Muladhara(Coccyx/Perineum)- Shailputri – Madhu(RIGHT,right testicle/Pingala/Sun/Attachment/arousal,lust/meetha sunna) Kaitabh(LEFT,left testicle/Ida/Moon/Vairagya/detachment/lose interest/kadva bol)

2nd Chakra -Svadhistana(Sacral Plexus/Genital)- Brahmacharini – Mahishasur

3rd Chakra–Vishnu Granthi-Bondage to Action/karma -Manipura(Solar Plexus/Naval)- Chandraghanta – Dhumralochan

4th Chakra -Anahata(Cardiac Plexus/Heart)- Kushmanda – Chand Mund

5th Chakra -Visshuddhi(Thoracic Plexus/Throat)- Skandamata -  Raktabeej

6th Chakra–Rudra Granthi-Bondage of thoughts (compared to pure knowing) -Ajna(Pituitary)- Katyayani – Shumbh(Greed=Kaitabh/LEFT,left testicle/Ida/Moon/Vairagya/detachment/lose interest/kadva bol?) Nishumb(Lust=Madhu/RIGHT,right testicle/Pingala/Sun/Attachment/arousal,lust/meetha sunna?) (In short Old wine in New Bottle?)

7th Chakra -Sahasrara(Crown Head)- Kalratri – Kalratri – Sahashara chakra activation. Self Consciousness

8th Chakra – Mahagauri – Shiva consciousness


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