From an Unknown Source on Gnostic & Esoteric Practices

Caution: This in no way are my views. They are the views of the unknown writer whom I cannot give credit to because I’m unable to trace the origin of this document. But have a look at the factual data. As always, the data is correct in its entirety. At best, left unformatted. Have a look.

Jesus – There are 13 different Jesus’ in the bible. The sundial stops at 30 degrees and
rises at 33 degrees after 3 days. Jesus ministry starts at age 30 and ends at 33. There are
a dozen others with the same story of virgin birth, ministry at 30, death by crucifixion at
33 and resurrection. Tammuz, the son of Semiramis; Krishna and others. The sun sets at
30 degrees and rises at 33.
Horus, Egypt, 3000 BC. Born on Dec 25th of the virgin Isis, known as Iris by the
Egyptians. Accompanied by a star in the East and adored by 3 kings. He was a prodigal
teacher at 12, at age 30 was baptized by Attup and began his ministry. He had 12
disciples, performed miracles, such as healing the sick and walking on water.
He also had many names, the truth, the light, the Lamb of God, the good shepherd and
many others. After being betrayed by Hyphon, he was crucified at age 33, buried for 3
days, and resurrected.
Attis, of Phrygia, 1200 BC Greece. Born of a virgin on Dec 25th. Crucified, dead for 3
days, and resurrected.
Krishna, of India, 900 BC. Born of the virgin Divaki. Announced by a star in the East.
Performed miracles with his disciples, and resurrected after death.
Dionysus of Greece, 500 BC. Born of a virgin on Dec 25th. He had 12 disciples and
performed miracles. He died for 3 days and resurrected. Also called the Truth, the light
and many others. He was worshiped on Sunday. Sunday is the Sun’s day.
There are many saviors in history: Chrishna of Hindustan, Buddha Sakia of India,
Salivahana of Bermuda, Zulius or Zhule of Egypt, Odin, Crite of Chaldea, Zoroaster and
Mithra of Persia, Baal and Taut of Phoenicia, Indra of Tibet, Bali of Afghanistan, Jao of
Nepal, Thammus of Syria, Atys of Phrygia, Adad of Assyria, Mikado of the Syntoos,
Beddru of Japan, Hesus or Eros of the Druids, Thor son of Odin, Cadmus of Greece,
Adonis, son of virgin Io, Prometheus of Caucasus.
If we look at the story of Jesus, it’s purely astrological. Scorpio gives the kiss of death to
god’s sun in “the fall”. The star in the East is Sirius. On Dec 24th, it aligns with the 3
stars in Orion’s belt. These 3 stars are called The 3 Kings. These will point to the place of
the sunrise on Dec 25th. So, the 3 Kings follow the star in the East to locate the sunrise.
The birth of God’s Sun, at the winter solstice. The virgin Mary is the constellation Virgo, the virgin.
Virgo is also known as “the house of bread” in the zodiac. The symbol of Virgo is a
virgin holding a sheaf of wheat. Virgo represents August and September, the time of
harvest. The name Bethlehem is literally, the House of Bread. It’s a place in the sky, not on earth.
From the summer solstice to the winter solstice, the days become shorter, and from the
Northern hemisphere, the sun appears to be falling, moving South, and getting smaller.
This represents the process of death. By December 22nd, the sun’s demise is fully realized and makes it to its lowest point in the sky. This is where a curious thing occurs. The sun stops moving south for 3 days, the 22nd, 23rd & 24th. During these 3 days, the sun resides
in the vicinity of the Southern Cross (Crux) constellation. Now, on Dec 25th, the sun moves 1 degree to the North. Giving longer days, and a rebirth of spring. So, the Sun died on the cross for 3 days and was resurrected, or born again.
However, the celebration of the sun’s rebirth was not done until the spring equinox,
when day and night are equal. This is Easter, when the sun overpowers the evil darkness.
The most obvious of the symbology is the 12 disciples. They are the 12 constellations of
the zodiac that the sun moves through. The number 12 is all over the bible. 12 tribes of
Israel, 12 sons of Jacob, 12 judges, 12 patriarchs, 12 Old Testament prophets, 12 kings of
Israel, 12 princes of Israel.
The sun at the center of the zodiac is also pagan, with the symbol of a cross and circle.
Jesus is depicted in old paintings with a sun and cross behind his head. And with a crown
of thorns, or sunrays.
Throughout the bible, it is replete with references to an age. An aeon, or age, is the
length of the zodiac, roughly 2156 years, due to the precession of the equinoxes. That is
when the sunrise would occur at the spring equinox for a different sign. As the earth
wobbles on it’s axis, it appears the zodiac goes backwards in precession. The total for all
12 signs is about 25,765 years. This total is called The Great Year.
Taurus ruled from 4300 to 2150 BC. Aries ruled from 2150 BC to 1 AD. Pisces rules
from 1 AD to 2150 AD. After that, it goes to Aquarius, the water bearer. The bible story is
moving through 3 ages and heralding a 4th. This now, is the Third World.
In the story of Moses, coming down the mountain, and finding the people worshipping a
golden calf, he smashes the commandments and tells them to go forth and kill every man
his neighbor.
It has nothing to do with worshipping a false idol. It represents the end of the age of
Taurus, and the new age of Aries, the ram. Moses is the new age and everyone must shed
the old age. Mithra kills the bull in the same symbology.
The Jesus story introduces Pisces, the 2 fish. 2 fish are abundant in the New Testament.
He feeds a multitude with 5 loaves and 2 fish. He finds 2 brothers/fishermen. When shall
be the last Passover? Behold, when you enter the city, there shall be a man carrying a pitcher of water. Follow him into his house. (Follow Aquarius into his house.)
As far as the end times are concerned. In Mathew 28:20, I shall be with you even unto
the end of the world. It’s a mistranslation, which should be end of the age, not world. It’s
all allegory. Tell that to those who believe the end of the world is coming. The world isn’t
coming to an end, the age is. The correlation of Jesus to Horus are staggering.
Is there any historical evidence of Jesus traveling around with 12 people? There are
many historians who lived during that time, yet none record a miracle where a man is
resurrected and immortal. Shouldn’t he still be alive today?
Pliny the Elder, Phlegon, Philo Judaeus, Phaedrus, Petronius, Lucius Florus, Lucanus,
Justus of Tiberius, Columelia, Aulus Perseus, Plutarch, Pomponius Mela, Rufus Curtius,
Quintillian, Quintus Curtius, Seneca, Silius Italicus, Statius, Theon of Smyrna, Valerius
Flaccus, Valerius Maximus. None mention or document a Jesus.
Only 4 even mention a Christos. Pliny the Younger, Citonius, Tacitus, and Josephus, a
proven forgery for hundreds of years.
This information is from Zeitgeist and we need to take a close look at their agenda. In
the second Zeitgeist movie you’ll notice they show small cities in a utopian society, but
there is barely any traffic. What they don’t say is, it will be a small remaining population.
i’m afraid; Jesus of the bible is an imaginary caricature. Just believe everything you
read, without proof or research. Take their word for it. There may have been a rabbi/man
who went around expounding the mysteries, but that’s as far as i can go. If there was a
Yesus, they give some of his teachings trying to expose the mysteries. But in many cases,
there are things he would not have said and they are putting words in his mouth. You
have to start with the truth to bend it.
The story begins with the zodiac birth and nothing is mentioned again until a start at 30
years of age and ends at 33. The mystery writers begin all of the historical figures at 30
and end at 33. 30, for the rising sun at 30 degrees East and setting at 33 degrees West.
Yesus really tells us he was a Son of God. Just as you are a son or daughter of the
Creator. The writers said he was The Son of God. i think they screwed around with his
The truth will set you free. We all know right from wrong. You don’t need someone else
or a book to tell you that. Step outside the box. What’s stopping you? Negative
reinforcement, that’s what. You have a little policeman programmed inside your head.
Yesus, the ‘teacher’ of the bible had deep understanding of the mystery religion. It seems
he was used and placed into the situation or the story of the time to create a new religion.
Some say he was modeled after Thomas.
There are only 4 gospels because the Romans celebrated 4 seasons; there are 12
disciples because there were 12 months and a deity for each one.
Jesus is the Greek term, the gospels were written in the Greek. The Greeks had no
problem with Esus, spoken anagram of Zeus, because they were familiar with the son of
Zeus. The other name is Apollo and Jesus is the sun. Taken in the French, you have Je
Suis, meaning “I Am”. The whole thing is the mystery religion, all of it. It’s all Masonic.
And you will go from the cradle to the grave believing what you were raised with in their

Freemasonic History – Many Gnostic elements have been preserved in the Kabbalah
and Talmud. The Kabbalah regulates the spiritual life, while the Talmud the material.
Together, with magic and mysticism…
First it must be explained that Jewish magic consists of experimenting with the hidden
forces of the human body, producing mass-hypnotism, etc.
The first notorious head of Gnosticism was Carpocrates, a Jew of Alexandria. His son
Epiphanes authored the work “Justice”, an outrageous form of Communism. With over
60 different sects, the common tenet among them was Dualism, or the coexistence of two
principles, one good and the other evil, or God and Matter. God could not approach
matter, and from this derived the teaching that the soul could not be sullied by the actions
of the body. Hence, Gnostics fell into licentiousness and perversion, their esoteric
doctrine being that ‘nothing was really evil by nature.’ (Make a note of this; it is going to
come up many times, just said differently.)
From the second century onward, hundreds of Gnostic sects infiltrated Christianity, and with the advent of Mohammedanism in the 7th century, the same thing happened to Islam.
A Gnostic sect of Mohammedanism was founded by a Yemen Jew, Abdalla-ibn-Saba (cir.
640) called Shi’ism. Over 400 years later, the terrible sect known as the Assassins was
founded by Shi’ite Hasan Saba, protected by a Jewish Caliph.
The Jews followed the latter’s conquests until their defeat by Charles Martel in 732, and
were permitted to enter Arab schools and universities. The Jews first studied medicine
and astrology and rapidly perverted these sciences into magic practices, such that the
Islamic Caliphs were obliged to promulgate laws forbidding Jews to practice or teach
medicine. On the other side, the Jews settled in Kahals in the newly formed Aryan
nations of Europe, establishing a monopoly in trade, and forming Gnostic groups such as
the Albigenses, who, despite calling themselves Christian, are described by Pope
Innocent the III to the King of France in 1205, as having:
‘By their usurious practices gotten into their power the goods of the Church,
occupied castles, acted as stewards and managers for the nobles, had
Christian servants and nurses on whom they committed abominable crimes.
On Easter Day they walked in the streets and offered insults to the Faith,
maintaining that He whom their ancestors had crucified was only a peasant.
Their houses remained open till the middle of the night and served to receive
stolen goods; assassination even occurred…” (Bouquet XIX, 471).
During the Crusades, in which the pick of the male Gentiles fought a Holy War leaving
their archenemies, the Jews, at home, the latter greatly increased their strength. This
period from the founding of the Arab Empire (711) to the end of the Crusades is known in
Jewish history as “the Golden Age.”
The Templar Order was founded in 1118 in Jerusalem by nine Crusaders and was
divided into three classes. (1) Knights, (2) Clergy, and (3) Serving Brethren. The Order
had Gnostic doctrine, but is not known if it was at the start or a later date, either from
within or from contact in the East with the Assassins. Within 200 years of their founding,
the Templars acquired massive wealth following the Jewish banking practices. When
Philip the Fair came to the throne in 1285, he found his people ground down by two
forces; the Templars and the Jews.
He ordered the Jews out of France in 1306, and declared the Christians free of all debt
to Jewish usurers, and then held an inquiry into the Templar Order. In 1307, he arrested
all the heads of the Order, and their Grand Master, Jacque de Molay, was executed.
France was never forgiven for this, and it is recorded by Eliphas Levi, in his book,
“Histoire de la Magie,” that at the execution of Louis XVI in 1793, an elderly Jew dipped
his hand in the Royal blood and said to the crowd, “I baptize you in the name of
liberty and Jacques.”
After the suppression of the Templars in 1314, two secret societies came about: the
Order of the Rosie Cross (Rosicrucians), and The Society of Jesus (Jesuits).
Rosicrucians – This Order had oaths, symbols, etc., as in modern Freemasonry, and
embodied a secret Gnostic doctrine together with two material aims. Transmutation of
base metals into gold, and the discovery of the Elixir of Long Life.
(If you’ve been paying attentions so far, this is the exoteric to outsiders. The esoteric
meanings are turning base man into the illumined man, or Novice to Adept, while the
other represents all the sciences: eugenics, medicine, mathematics, chemistry, even dna,
and the recreation of man himself; the goal, and the quest.
This is how it was couched in Freemasonry in the 18th century, and we can say that today’s Freemasonry is just a second version of Rosicrucianism renamed.)
“Within the boundaries of the abstruse sciences, common to the
Rosicrucians, were hermeticism, magnetism and philosophy, to which by the
evil-minded was added magic, or the ‘Black Art’.”
Jesuits – Founded in 1541 by Ignatius Loyola, (its a pseudonym for Loyal Igniter, Loyal
Fire Starter, coming from the Spanish version of Templars, called Alumbrados) the
Jesuits are organized into six grades, and are sworn to blind obedience just as the
Freemasons. Their initiation ceremony is described as follows:
“…the proofs lasted 24 hours, for which the candidate was prepared by long
and severe fasting, which by prostrating his bodily strength, inflamed his
fancy, and just before the trial a powerful drink was administered to him.
Then the mystic scene began – diabolical apparitions, evocation of the dead,
representations of the flames of hell, skeletons, moving skulls, artificial
thunder and lightning, in fact, the whole paraphernalia and apparatus of the
ancient mysteries…At the initiation into the second degree the same proof
but on a grander scale, had to be underdone…the candidate took the
following oath: ‘In the name of Christ crucified I swear to burst the bonds that
yet unite me to father, mother, brothers, sisters, relations, friends; to the
King, magistrates, and any other authority to which I may ever have sworn
fealty, obedience, gratitude or service’.” (Masons of today take a similar
oath, that of rejecting family and all other ties, and in the brotherhood, you
belong to a new family. They think this gives them license to do anything
without consequences or guilt.)
Freemasonry – Modern Freemasonry is derived from two distinct sources, “Operative
Masonry,” which is the art of building preserved in secret by the guilds of old stone
masons and used as a front; and “Speculative Masonry,” which is the repository of the
secret Gnostic doctrine of Phallism (sex-worship) designed to replace existing religions,
which is the secret cult alike of the Kabbalah, Assassins, Templars, Rosicrucians, and
various Theosophist sects.
The Grand Lodge of England was founded in 1717, and practices only the first 3
degrees, Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. The ritual of these
degrees is purely symbolic, and has an esoteric Gnostic interpretation which is revealed
only in the high degrees of Royal Arch and in occult rites superimposed on “Blue
Masonry,” such as Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, Memphis and Mizraim, etc.
The following is the esoteric explanation of the ritual of Master Mason by a Jew, Paul
Rosen, 1885.
“The Temple, being emblematic of the human body, the Master’s Lodge is
known as the Middle Chamber within which the most intimate of mysteries of
Freemasonry are celebrated. It represents the Uterus wherein is
accomplished the reproduction of all beings.
“The two parts, separated longitudinally by a dark curtain, representing one
side, the West, and lighted only by a single light, the abode of death, of the
sterile seed, is the ovary. That of the Eastern side, brilliantly illuminated, is
the seed fertilized by the fulfillment of the act of generation and absorbed by
the Uterus.


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