CORRUPTION: Modern Money Mechanics, Addendum & Indian Sloth

Special thanks to “Zeitgeist: Addendum, The Movie”

Disclaimer: This is no expression of hatred or record of any individual’s hate speech. This is improvisation.



We are like that only…


Acceptance of certain facts about Indians will help to set expectations rights.


-Sameer Kelekar (in one of his articles)

“I see the enemy & he is among us” – Running Blind, Desmond Bagley

“WAR! huh, yeah

What is it good for

Absolutely nothing.” -He Who Picks A Rose,  Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong

“He who works in mysterious ways” – Keannu Reeves, Constantine.

I promise this will not be over rated. This will be full of facts & by the time you finish reading it, you would have drifted from your thinking, impactful in feelings. But first, my friends, I would like you all to take a look at this short video clip:


Now look at this:

And when you are done with that, I promise this is the last one, take a look at this:

After you have gone through these relatively short clips, one thing you will have in common with me is variation in optimism. I didn’t mention withering.


After the short clips, pops out a conclusion from one’s individual perspective. The role of Indians in the current World affairs. We can definitely change the future to a better frequency if we awaken, if we break the shackles of ignorance, self-denial & lethargy. But to change the world, we’ll have to change ourselves first. Now that’s a joke, right?

Here’s the fact. Indians are one lazy breed. Most Indians are not hard working after they reach a certain age, an average that comes around is 30.

They are highly individualistic & materialistic. For them, it starts with the self & then the roots shoot out to family, society & lastly the nation. They expect a lot in return for their minimal inconsistent effort. The Indian Cricket team has otherwise, proved it wrong, in the recent times. The mass has yet to take this as an inspiration.

They are also big on ego which comes naturally when the self is the first priority rather than selflessness. In simple words, as a result, they are too self-conscious, giving more thought to what the society would label them rather what they shoould & must work upon themselves. Because of these factors, very few are good in teamwork & then too, they like to be on the safer side which leaves their progress retarded & themselves, frustrated, narrow-minded. A narrow minded society asks for help more & helps itself less. It is the worst kind of parasite that a healthy sentient body like our planet can tolerate.

And when the conditions are ripe for a few dedicated oppurtunists to take advantage of this fact, corruption creeps in. It is very easy to tame a spineless creature. And corruption in the government sprouts from the corruption in each individual.

The body is corrupted, the mind has become corrupted, the soul is left gasping for breath since ages & the spirit is not responding. End of the road to salvation, when every adult would ask a revolutionary in the young minds, of the profit that a healthy government would give. “Humko kya fayda hoga usse?” or “How would I profit from it?” I. PROFIT.

Notice how the economy has risen in the past decade. Statistically writing, as the economy has risen, prices off resources have sky rocketed, scarcity of resources & debt has taken its toll as well. This is the theme of the second line up of ZEITGEIST movie “Addendum” or like the narrator says “And that’s the point”. Money mechanics, devices of mass mental programming & corruption are what the ancient scriptures would term the haven of a “BHOGI” or the hungry, whose lust is for the self, the I. The solution is service before self. It is not dictatorship like you all saw in one of the videos above, what used to happen in erstwhile British India. The answer is to deconstruct, to deprogram oneself, to awaken, to cleanse from the corrupt mindset. Or spiritually speaking, to evolve from a mindlessly intellectual “BHOGI” to an awakened pragmatic “YOGI”.

We ask for Jan Lokpal bill, support through donations & click a few ‘mice’ here & there, raise our voices, do petty skits & short0lived demonstrations & complain about the recent scams. But before pointing fingers at others’ soul, look into your own. It will enrage you first but the path to enlightenment, to progress, to bring back our nation to its erstwhile glory is not in the hands of a corrupt lazy profit monger. There is no “JUGAAD” in that nation but RESPECT. Collective healthy lifestyle, positive criticism, spirituality would help in mass awakening. But change starts first from within. You have to feel this intention in the heart. To change the way we run our lives in this nation with relaxed attitude.

There is a storm rising among the many billions alive & it has seeped through the minds of beauracrats, military personnel, intelligence agencies & the government of many nations alike for quite some time. They have made movies about it, new-age gurus have got a new motive for profit or not, evolution has been pointed towards the celestials now, stars are holding the lives of many esoterics; profit is holding profit of many. I see that you get my point too cleverly. This is the mid-life crisis for humanity as a whole. But this is not the first time. It has happened many a times previously. Take a look for yourself:


Image illustrates variability of sunspots over the years they have been observed.
(Created by 
Robert A. Rohde/Global Warming Art which looks at relation of sunspots and global warming.)



Solar Cycle 3:


American Revolution

Solar Cycle 4:



French Revolution

US Constitution adopted

Solar Cycle 5:


Napoleon conquers Europe

Solar Cycle 6:


Two wars to defeat Napoleon;

German, English and Serbian riots;

Brazil, Chile and Argentina declare independence.

Solar Cycle 7:


Revolts in Turkey, Mexico, Belgium, Poland, France, Britain;

Virginia slave revolt;

the Black underground railroad begins

Solar Cycle 8:



Constitutional revolts in Canada, slavery debate outlawed in US,

Texas Independence, Boer separatists occupy African lands,

British-Afghan war; Opium War

Major Banking Crisis in the U.S.

Solar Cycle 9:



Mexican War

Revolts and revolutions in Poland, Switzerland, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Venice, Naples, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw; US Mexican War starts; Taiping Rebellion starts

Solar Cycle 10:




Bottom year of a depression in the U.S.

American Civil War begins

Civil War in America, revolts in India, Italy, China

Solar Cycle 11:



Franco/Prussian War

Paris Revolutionary Commune

Solar Cycle 12:



Big US labor strikes, revolt in Sudan, First Indian Congress meets

Bottom year of a major depression in the U.S.

Solar Cycle 13:


Zulu revolt, Cuban revolution

Solar Cycle 14:





Russo-Japanese War

First revolts begin in Russia

Widespread strikes, revolts among German miners, Hottentots, Turks, Indians, Honduras

Bottom year of a short depression

Solar Cycle 15:





First World War

Irish and Indian revolts

Russian Revolution

The Atom is Split

Solar Cycle 16:




Fabled American Bull Run ends in crash of the stock market in long slow slide which bottoms in 1933

Hitler in jail for NAZI’s attempted Munich Putsch begins writing Mein Kampf which outlines how he will lead Germany to make the world’s greatest power.

Mussolini and Hitler build power on economic unrest; revolt in Vienna and China; formation of Red Army; Spanish Republic formed; mass civil disobedience in India,  launches Gandhi’s campaign to free India

Solar Cycle 17:



Spanish Civil War, Germany and Japan start World War II

US steel strike

Solar Cycle 18:


1947 – 1948



Greek Civil War, India-Pakistan riots, Red Army wins China, Vietnam revolts

India Independence, Flying saucer sightings begin, saucer crashes in Roswell, NM, “shadow”government is set up inside the military industrial complex with the CIA to fight communism and hide the remains of ET

Gandhi assassinated, Israel’s War for Independence

Korean War

Solar Cycle 19:

1957 – 1960




Israel invades Sinai, Hungarian uprising, Cuban revolution, civil rights movement begins in US, French-Algerian war, MauMau revolt, Iraq revolt

Vietnam War begins

Eisenhower recession

Eisenhower warns of the danger of “shadows” in the unfettered military industrial complex, Kennedy “race to the moon” begins

Solar Cycle 20:

1965- 1967




Haight-Ashbury Flower Children launch the hippie movement

Height of Vietnam War, peace demonstrations, worldwide student uprisings, Czechoslovakian uprising/USSR invasion, US inner city riots, Israeli Arab war, Woodstock and height of hippy movement

Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy assassinated , first big anti-war marches in US, first US inner city riots

First public men on Moon.

Solar Cycle 21:








World’s First Test Tube Baby Born, Carter Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt

Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant leaks radiation

Polish Solidarity begins, US anti-tax movement reaches heights and elects Reagan, Shah of Iran overthrown, Iraq-Iran war begins, USSR invades Afghanistan, Falklands War, Sandinistas oust Somas, Zimbabwe gains independence, anti-nuclear and peace demonstrations increase worldwide, US aid to “contras” in Nicaragua, US invades Grenada, Tamils rebel in Sri Lanka

US Bid to Rescue Hostages Fails

Iran-Iraq War begins (lasts until next peak in 1988)

President. Sadat of Egypt assassinated

Israel Invades S Lebanon, Falklands War,

Reagan recession

Solar Cycle 22:









Palestinian Infiltada begins, Eastern European dissidents organize, USSR &US sign missile treaty, USSR begins pullout from Afghanistan

Crash in World Stock Markets

Tianamen Square Chinese student democracy movement crushed

Protest and peaceful revolution in Eastern Bloc, dismantling of Berlin Wall

Glasnost process begins dissolution of Soviet Union, end of Communist Party domination; Communist Party coup in Russia fails

End of apartheid in South Africa, beginnings of patriot and militia movementsin US, Somalia civil war, Yugoslavia begins slaughter in Bosnia, Sandinistaslose Nicaraguan elections

Mandela Released, East and West Germany Re-Unite;

Iraqi Troops Invade Kuwait

The Gulf War; multi-national forces liberate Kuwait from Iraq, Balkan Civil War begins as communist Yugoslavia collapses

Solar Cycle 23:







Peace treaty in Northern Ireland, overthrow  of Indonesia’s Suharto, Serbian-KLA conflicts increase and US/ NATO decides to “resolve” conflict through massive bombing of the whole nation, India-Pakistan skirmishes over Kashmir increase;  militias burn East Timor, drive people into camps in West Timor; big demonstrations at WTO meeting in Seattle; rising religious strife in India and Indonesia, increasing civil war in Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka; overthrow of Milosevic in Serbia;

Worldwide Y2K Scare;

Palestinian Infiltada re-commences after “virtual agreement” with Israel

Dot-com bubble breaks; Supreme Court intrudes in the U.S. elections, throws results of Florida vote to make the loser of the popular vote into a winner of the electoral vote to become the U.S. President made by judicial interference

Attack on World Trade Center and Pentagon; War on Terrorism begins

Peace treaty disrupted in Northern Ireland; land confiscations in Zimbabwe; worldwide protests against WTO/IMF/World Bank in Seattle, Washington DC,Prague, Goteborg, Quebec City,  Genoa and other cities

Bush diverts War on Terrorism into personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein, massive protests demonstrate against Iraq war

Since then, we all know how the trend of population & disturbance around the globe has been ever-increasing. Next cycle has started & 2012 is the solar maximum. Are you ready? Or still sleeping, of course intellectually. I forgot how mature you are.

Read more about this context here:


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