On a Personal Note On Ancient Crafts For A Physicist-Year of the Metal Tiger


This is the weird stuff. Kindly speak that with a Microsoft’s Sam’s tone. Suits Professor Hawkings. This, assuring you all, is the queer blog out of astonishment. I had written earlier about Ancient Symbolism & Elohim’s  Space-technology. But I didn’t know where to reach out exactly. People come & you all have been reading & commenting, which is so good. Victor for one, I really loved your site for what you have done with art & glass moulding. I would like to refer to you all about this one particular lady who goes by the name of Miss Helen Engel. She claims to be a Pleaidean Channel & loves giving advice on future after E.T. contact. When I read the article on Sacred Geometry for channelling Vortices to open multi-dimensional portals on different Braille planes, which is according to M-theory many in 15 dimensional planes, I could relate it to the significance of geometry in Indian “Vaastu” & Chinese “Feng-Shui” very easily besides the use for self-domination power by the Illuminati.


Something Common to Helen Engel, Pleaidan Channels, Geometric structures & Vaastu is closer to you than anywhere else you need to look at. Yourself. As already mentioned in my earlier blog on History of Earth regarding E.T. assisted technology & art forms Part 1 which talked about only the Human Symbolism, the reflection of Macroprosophus with the Microprosophus, the emphasis was on getting to know the geomancy of our interiors. One who practices Tai-Chi-Chuang or Alexander’s Postural Technique knows the importance of the Spine. On a spiritual level, one essentially acknowledges the essence of Obelisks, Ovals, the Union, the Hermaphrodite form, talked a lot in Mahavrajayna Buddhism, Shaviite Hinduism & Pagan teachings & of course in Freemasonry, the union in which is the essence of blue bloods. So much till now in this blog, I referred to Cyclic Periods of the Multiverse, of seasonal & periodic changes in Celeste with respect to a relative reference frame. The topic drifts here towards spirituality. This is inspired from “The Tao Of Physics” by Mr Fritjof Capra. More on Buddhism can be found in this other blog of mine,  goldenchipmunk.wordpress.com.


Apart from periodic events, Change in Poles, Ages, Sinusoidal Nature of the Sun, the symbolism & geomancy, there is something very common to all of this: Synchronicity & Mutual Connection. Everything in the Universe knows anything in the Universe. Since Universe is a natural organism is realized when ones body is realized as one & not divided into various parts just for specific function. The Universe is a Collective. Before moving onto the next part of History of Earth-E.T. assisted technology & art, it is important to look at things as not separate but as one with us. Since everything is a reflection of the Absolute, yet relative to each other, the early Greeks didn’t treat matter as a separate entity from animate & living things. They like Aryans, prayed every object because they prayed the energy associated with it to assist them. It is called Harmony.


Harmony, Synchronicity, Collective, Periodic, Absolute, Union all can be understood very well when the nature of frequency is studied. Frequency is repetitive, periodic, has a pattern. It is one of the most fundamental things to acknowledge before moving on to anything else in “physis”, the Greek word from which Physics is derived. Physis is study of the essence of everything that is or “All That Is” or Aton, God manifested, in this universe. Summoning of various energies, impossible alloys, the true nature of the stars all teach us the fanciful possibilities of who we are. Again, the micro contains the macro & it is a never-ending loop, like that of the time when I see the back of my head after a nice hair-cut through a back mirror & I notice the continuous reflections of falling images one by one in the two mirrors, which continue to reflect each other & never stop. We talk in terms of Vibrations, when we take into account, Cathie’s Grid on Earth. We take into account the Musical notes that would bring harmony in the World. We talk about Energy centres & the vulnerable Ring Of Fire. We see each day, massive storms, floods, volcanoes, fissures, cyclones, tsunamis, heat-wave, global warming, that we never witnessed earlier in our lifetimes. The Pagans teach us to be in synchronicity with Mother Earth, which is raising its Vibration levels. More on such philosophy of Universal Science here at http://www.alienshift.com/id79.html

This blog was inspired by the one who goes by the name of Miss Aakriti Arora, a very avid fan of physis, as i would conclude & a genuine truth seeker. I have some designs on future technology that I would be submitting in the near coming months to some International Authorities & would like to publish here soon. Hope I get a nod. I am currently busy on a project on Wildlife Anti-poaching system. This again to protect what belongs to our Earth & not in the flesh trade market. Check this blog more often. More Revelations, more on Symbolism & Energy shifts coming up soon.


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