Love Obsession Explanation & Extra-Terrestrial Love Influences


Sometimes, we notice or get this information about a couple once religiously into each other & after a period of time we get this bad news of them splitting up. There are of course various reasons. Some of the unexplainable reasons are listed here that are rational & revealing:

LOVE: Supernatural Events and Synchronicities

The relationship between the two bonded individuals is such that both persons are magnetically attracted to one another, often in unlikely situations. The love relationship set-up may include a number of bizarre synchronicities, vivid dreams, supernatural events and bonding exercises during alien encounters.

The orchestrated experiences are often intimate and sexual such that one or the other develops an intense chemistry and love obsession with the targeted partner. Oftentimes, either person is married to or has an existing relationship with another mate. It makes no difference.

The emotional, passionate and even telepathic connection between the bonded pair is unlike normal relationships (whatever normal is, anyway). Some have described it as the most exhilarating love imaginable, to the point of total spiritual immersion or indwelling with their "beloved." Then the inevitable happens. It’s absolutely devastating. The targeted love partner becomes "switched off" and the love-struck other half becomes painfully unrequited.

The switching off is described as an emotional and sexual disinterest in their once "attractive" partner. The chosen partner may have an initial attraction or even a strong love for the other, but then loses interest, often right after an abduction or vivid dream. If one or the other abductee has a good recall of their dreams and abduction memories, they may remember being previously bonded together in one or more experiences.

Some abductees report spontaneous remote viewing images and visions of the intended partner in such a way as to elicit emotions, such as jealousy, obsessive love, yearning and grievous unrequited love pangs. The alien manipulated love obsession process is akin to a carrot being dangled just enough to get the obsessed lover into a constant cycle of love and unrequited love.

This can extend from relationship to relationship and is emotionally exhausting.

Case Studies of the Love Bite

These cases have been condensed for the sake of this paper and can be read in more depth in "The Love Bite" book.

The Case of Sophia and Dave

Sophia, a 33-year old married wife and mother was on a truth quest concerning her lifelong alien encounters. Her husband George did not share her spiritual interests or fascination with the UFO phenomena. George was not an abductee and spent most of his time working long hours in his career. His emotional coolness left Sophia lonely and wanting for a companion who could understand. During Sophia’s alien encounters George seemed to be "out cold" or deathly unconscious. In any event, he was conveniently out of town or unavailable.

Two months before Sophia became pregnant with her daughter, she had an alien encounter where a telepathic message was given which stated:

"We need more offspring."

When the couple’s daughter turned two, she would awake screaming in terror during the night and hide in her bedroom closet, "away from the monsters." This sometimes happened on the same nights Sophia had alien intruding "dreams." During these periods, the daughter acted out with a lot of anger especially towards her father. She also displayed an extreme phobia to bugs.

In the midst of Sophia’s quest for an abduction therapist, Sophia met an older man named Dave. Dave was also an abductee and happily married. When the two met, Dave couldn’t stop staring at Sophia as if he knew who she was. Both exchanged business cards after briefly meeting at a UFO conference and continued to correspond by telephone.

Sophia then recalled "déjà vu" type dream memories of having been with Dave before in very intimate detail, years before met. She became empathetically connected to Dave and had several dreams of him in which she was able to pick up real information on Dave’s personal life that she had no way of knowing.

Dave started having spontaneous remote-viewing images of Sophia, which she was able to confirm as true to detail. Sophia also had remote viewing images of Dave, and intuitively knew things about him and his family, which he confirmed also.

Sophia was in love with Dave and couldn’t understand why she loved him so much, as Dave was many years older than she and not really her type. The two experienced a strong, spiritual and emotional connection with one another as if they had known each other for years.

Sophia made plans to visit an abduction researcher and hypnotist but was detracted from visiting the therapist following an encounter akin to a virtual reality abduction involving military men. She became ill after the threatening scenario and could not visit the therapist. One of Sophia’s main reasons for seeing the therapist was due to her overwhelming love obsession with Dave.

Sophia called Dave often, initiating most of the communication. Soon, she started to get the feeling he was trying to get rid of her, as he became indifferent and uncaring. Even though Dave rarely called Sophia or reciprocated her affections, she made excuses that he was just too busy and really would be with her if he could. Wrong.

Dave was friendly and enjoyed Sophia’s affections. But he was not in love with her. It didn’t seem to matter to Sophia, as she thought that perhaps in the future they would end up together. After all, the synchronicities, profound love and bonding they experienced must have been divinely ordained.

Two years later and with the help of an understanding abductions therapist, Sophia’s love obsession with Dave finally tapered off. It had taken an enormous emotional and physical toll on Sophia and at one point she became very ill. Part of the therapeutic process was for Sophia and her husband George to undergo marital counselling, bringing to light the awareness and effects of alien abductions, and avoiding emotional isolation of one another.

Even though Sophia and George’s marriage is still intact and improved, the love obsession left Sophia very hurt. She loves her husband, yet admits she is not as attracted to him anymore. Sophia’s consolation is her faith in God and helping others.


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