Alien Orchestrated Love Relationships in Abductees

Bud Hopkins famous Brooklyn Bridge UFO abduction investigation brought to light this rarely discussed aspect of alien directed human bonding arrangements in some abductees’ lives. Mr. Hopkins recent book, Witnessed recounts the dramatic story of Linda Cortile’s UFO abduction in 1989 from an apartment window in Manhattan, USA.

Three men witnessed the extraordinary event, one of whom (Richard) Linda Cortile had previously met in her abductions as a child and young adult. These mutually shared encounters and dream like scenarios that took place between Linda and Richard can be described as alien orchestrated bonding exercises.

According to Hopkins, the bonding that Linda and Richard experienced are not isolated incidents in the abductee population, but are rare. Mr. Hopkins has observed the bonding dramas in 14 out of 650 cases, which accounts for roughly 2% of al his cases.

Barbara Bartholic, a hypnotherapist and abductions researcher of 25 years, has observed that many of these alien manipulated bonding dramas result in dramatic love obsessions. Ms. Bartholic maintains that the bonding phenomenon carried out by aliens occurs much more frequently than one would think. In my own work, I’d say a rough one third have had either a bonding experience or some kind of relationship manipulation with another person (i.e., shared abductions or mutually shared dreams with the targeted partner) within their abduction experiences.

These may include a classic physical type of abduction, a vivid, alien controlled or "stage managed" dream or virtual reality scenario. The oversight of these dramas result in a serious lack of understanding concerning the alien intelligence and their motives for interacting with humanity.

The bonding experiences exhibit a characteristic pattern and sequence of events that goes something like this:

An abductee meets another abductee during one or more alien abductions or in very vivid dreams. The couple may interact on a verbal or physical level to initiate the bonding process. This can occur several times until a strong emotional connection occurs. The nature of the bonding exercises seems to be tailor-made to the individual.

The bonding interactions may or may not be consciously recalled by either partner. Often, only one partner will remember the experience, while the other has no memory or only a vague recall. When both partners meet in real life, there is an instant sense of recognition and the couple may fall in love. There are variations to the pattern and sequence of events, but in most cases one partner falls in love more than the other and is left feeling unrequited.

In a few cases, a bonding with an alien being or spirit guide progressed into a love obsession where it was discovered later that the spirit guide turned out to be an alien masquerading as the "lover".


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