Is there anyone awake here
Is there anyone who shares
Is there anyone alive here
Is there anyone who cares
Home lights flicker
Over oceans of land
Will one human
Hold my hand
Is there anyone aware here
Is there anyone who feels
Is there anyone alone here
Is there anyone who’s real



7 Responses to “Alone”

  1. Beautiful. Sheer beauty.

    • Jojo, You shouldn’t have browsed so far. I had forgotten this life. And this is not supposed to be in this blog, you’ve no idea. Thank you.

      • Sorry to have awaken that. Though you are right in saying that I have no idea. I think I can guess quite a lot by the poem and your statement.
        just one thing to say to you, “the weetest songs are written in the saddest times”… a line by a famous poet.

        Hope you have and have had the courage to move on from this phase of life. And may you find happiness again soon.
        God bless you always. 🙂

        And all this must have bought back all the memories, so sorry again.

        • * awakened

        • Yes it is awakening. I am grateful to know it & grateful that you are a feeler as well. It is the most powerful secret of God, Unconditional Divine Love. To love without expecting, just like a mother. And I would share it with you. You’ll find it in another blog of mine, part of the story:


  2. You own a very interesting blog covering lots of topics I am interested as well.I just added your site to my favorites so I can read more in the future… Please continue your marvellous work

    • Thanks very much, Diana. I would continue the work with comments such as yours flowing in consistently & making me think where are all the information seekers out there, factually.

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