I Ching Love Revelations-Personal Story With Fate

(Note: Due to the old language, One is the questioner)

Q. How Can I Understand her?

She does not serve kings & queens. Sets higher goals for self.

Setting right what has been spoiled by mother. Meets praise. Meets humiliation.

There will be little remorse. No blame.

Setting right was has been spoiled by father.

One must not be too persevering.

Setting right what has been spoiled by mother.

For daughter, if mother passes away, No blame on daughter. Danger.

In the end, Good fortune.

To spread white rushes underneath. No blame.

One must go through great waters. No blame.

Isolated through opposition, one sees one’s companion as a pig covered with dirt, as a wagon full of devils. First one draws a bow against her, then one lays the bow aside. She is not a robber. She will woo at the right time. As one goes, rain falls; then Good fortune.

Remorse disappears. The companion bites her way through the wrappings. If one goes to her, how can it be a mistake?

Isolated by opposition, one meets a person one can associate with & have faith. Like minded. Despite the danger. No blame.

One sees the wagon dragged back; the oxen halted. A person’s hair & nose cut off. Not a good beginning but a good end.

One meets her lady in a narrow street. No blame. Remorse disappears. If you lose horse, don’t run after. It will come on time on it’s own accord.

The bed is split to the skin. Misfortune.

Shoal of fishes. A gentleman. An act.

She finds no head for holding. Misfortune.

Manifestation of holding together.

The Queen uses the beaters in the hunt on three sides only & forgoes game that runs in front.

Hold to her outwardly also. Good fortune.

You hold together (one & companion) the wrong people.

Hold to her inwardly. Perseverance.

Hold to her in truth & loyalty. Without blame.

Q. How to protect her?

Seductive joyousness.

Sincerity towards disintegrating influence. Dangerous.

Joyousness should not be weighed. After ridding herself of mistakes, a person has joy.

Should have contented joyousness. Good fortune.

The moon nearing fullness brings good luck.

The marrying boy draws out the allotting time.

A late marriage comes in due course.

Marrying boy as a slave, as a horse (stallion).

A one eye person is able to see.

A lame person who is able to tread.

Good fortune.

Q. Will she be happy with me?

She gets her head in water. Danger.

The neighbor in the east does not gain as much as in the west by slaughtering an ox while she offers little in the west. Finest clothes turn to rags. Be Careful.

Darkening Of light. She descended from heaven into the depths of the Earth.

The Illustrious Ancestor disciplines the Devil’s Country. After 3 years, she conquers it. Inferior people must not be employed.

Man loses curtain of his carriage. Do not run after. On the 7th day you will get it.

She brakes her wheel. She gets into water. No blame.

Q. When will she believe me?

Tolerating what has been spoilt by mother. Humiliation.

If one does not continue the affair, little gossip. No blame.

One cannot engage in conflict. One leaves it to fate. One returns home. The people of his town, 300, remain free of guilt.

Q. Will She love me?

Lamenting & Sighing. Floods of tears. No blame.

If in gathering, one has position, no blame. Gathering without blame. Slight humiliation. Letting oneself be drawn. Brings Good Fortune. It furthers one to bring Small Offering. Remain Blameless. Gathering Together. Success. The queen approaches her temple. It furthers one to see the great person. This brings success. Perseverance furthers. To bring great offerings creates good fortune. It furthers one to undertake something.

She is intrigued by the Darkness. Darkness makes a fool of her. Protect her.


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