Dark Star

by Andy Lloyd

Spanish version
December 2005
Commentary by Rob Solàrion (abridged)

from DarkStar Website

"And they do not know the future mystery, or understand ancient matters.
And they do not know what is going to happen to them.
And they will not save their souls from the future mystery."

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Prophecy Of The Essenes

During the preparation of Osiris, Isis & Planet X, I had the good fortune and opportunity to read a new book titled Dark Star – The Planet X Evidence by Andy Lloyd.
Andy and I have been acquainted over the Internet for several years, and both of us were interviewed by Hollywood film-producer Robert Sepehr for the second of his Planet X Videos. Andy and I have agreed to disagree on certain matters pertaining to Planet X for reasons which will become apparent in this review of his book.
Andy presents his arguments in a logical and efficient manner, starting with the simpler anomalies of our Solar System and then gradually working into more complex discussions of Dwarf Stars in general and Planet X in particular. By Chapter 12, Andy has actually overly complicated his theory, in my opinion; but he has certainly covered all the bases, to use an American baseball metaphor.

For a couple of hundred pages, Andy speculates and theorizes about one aspect of Planet X or another; and I think that he would agree with me that we are basically at a dead-end in terms of purely "theoretical" analyses. What we need now is actual physical proof of Planet X, either its telescopic discovery or its sudden passage through the "mainstream" Solar System.
In reviewing Andy’s book, I shall do it in the order that Andy presented his material.
Most researchers of Planet X Nibiru, myself included, tend to follow the postulation by Zecharia Sitchin in The Earth Chronicles, notably The Twelfth Planet, that this "tenth" or "unknown" planet is approximately the size of Uranus and Neptune, or about 4-5 times larger than the Planet Earth, and therefore that it is merely an as yet "undiscovered" planet within our Solar System.

Andy, by contrast, equates Planet X with a Brown Dwarf Star, a distant, unseen binary companion of our Sun several times larger than the Planet Jupiter, with a planetary system of its own. Whereas I suggest that Planet X is accompanied by an "entourage" or "host" of planetoids and moonlets, in Andy’s scenario these bodies, seven in all, orbit the Dark Star. The innermost planet of the Dark Star, the warmest and most hospitable for life, is the Home Planet of the Anunnaki.

The planet farthest from the Dark Star is what becomes visible to peoples on Earth during the perihelial passage of the Dark Star’s system, leading in turn to all of our ancient "myths" about this "perturber" or "interloper" planet.
Andy’s Dark Star itself does not actually enter the boundaries of the other planets. However, its "Seventh Moon" (Sitchin’s Nibiru, or "Planet of the Crossing") does "cross over" into that part of the Solar System between Neptune and Pluto, close enough and bright enough to be visible to people on Earth, at least for such a sufficiently lengthy time that cosmic legends could be born and later develop around it. In Cosmic Tree Theory, of course, Planet X Nibiru is coming as close to the Earth as about 60,000 miles (about 100,000 kilometers) and then stationing itself to our North Pole by an electromagnetic "tether" beam.

As it approaches close enough to Earth, its South Magnetic Pole is attracted to our North Magnetic Pole, like the opposite poles of all magnets, locking it in place above our North Pole for 900 years, approximately a "Millennium of the Gods", after which time it "detethers" and returns in its orbit to an aphelion somewhere between here and the O’ort Cloud.
On page 48, Andy writes the following about Sitchin’s Nibiru:

"The passages [of Planet X] also present us with evidence that Nibiru/Marduk appeared to the Mesopotamians as a red star during historical times, and that its heavenly passage was unusual. It was faint, red, stood still in the sky and then wandered like a planet. This is highly unusual, to say the least. It is no wonder that the nature of Nibiru remains controversial."

When I refer to Planet X Nibiru’s "standing still" over our North Pole, I use the expression literally: It stopped and "stood still", tethered to Earth as a Winged Disk atop a Cosmic Tree or World Tree or Sacred Tree.

Andy’s and Sitchin’s idea that Nibiru "stood still" refer to that optical illusion we get when any planet seems to "stop" and "go backwards" in its orbit, which we refer to as its "retrograde movement". Neither Andy nor Sitchin would agree with me on the meaning of the concept that it "stood still" in the sky.
As an aside here, let me add that amongst the Velikovskian School there is a group of researchers, most prominently amongst them David Talbott and colleagues, who believe, as Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky suggested in "On Saturn And The Flood" published by KRONOS Journal (Volume V, Number 1) in the fall of 1979, that the object which "stood still" over our North Pole was the Planet Saturn.

Source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net


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